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PRT GlueOff is a liquid used for multiple applications. It does not have a strong smell and it is safe for indoor usage.

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PRT GlueOff is a glue removing liquid used for:

  • iPhone, Samsung or Huawei Screen glue removal
  • Polariser glue removal
  • Frame separation
  • Battery removal
  • iPad screen removal
  • Back glass separation (not for iPhones)

Liquid is based on paint thinner liquid that is used by painters in closed rooms so it is safe for indoor use. Liquid does not have a strong smell and it is safe for screen flex cables.

Currently shipping is only possible to Europe countries. The liquid is shipped from Zagreb, Croatia in 1L sealed metal bottles.

Safety Data Sheet: PRT_GlueOff_Safety_Datasheet.pdf


Tags: screen glue removal, iPhone glue removal, iPad glue removal, Samsung glue removal, separate LCD from frame, separate screen from frame, remove glue from iPhone, LCD glue removal 

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