A new standard in post and pre repair diagnostics!

Easy and simple way to test out all of the functions of the device and many more with a 7-day free trial!
Full phone diagnostics in just 5-7 minutes!
Compatible with all Android and iOs devices for both phones and tablets including:

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Software features

Automatic device recognition and an intuitive UI do all the dirty work for you, freeing you up to take care of the customer.  Just connect the phones, click start and let the software work its magic. Know how to plug-in a USB cable?
You are now an expert!

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Data transfer

Quick and simple migration
of user data between all
devices, regardless of
Make, Model or OS. Fastest
content transfer solution
that exists thanks to our
simultaneous read and
write capabilities and our
constant innovations.

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Full diagnostics

Diagnose all software and
hardware issues with a
huge selection of automatic
and semi-automatic tests to
choose from. Fast and
reliable test results give you
an accurate picture of the
overall device health and
any specific issues. Runs on
all Android and iOS devices.

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Data wipe

Make your customers feel
safe and secure with a fast
and reliable data wipe. All
personal data is wiped before
a trade in, return or repair of
any device.

Download full brochure with images of the UI:



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Easy As 1…2…3…

Life is complicated, mobile care shouldn’t be. After the diagnostics are complete, you can print out the whole diagnostics results. 

Diagnostics printout sample:

Software is ideal for:

  • Phone repair shops
  • Phone reselling shops
  • Phone buyback service
  • Pawn shops and many more

Choose a Plan that Works for You

Payment methods: PayPal (default) , Westen Union & Bank Wire transfer.

After payment is complete you will be granted with an activation key together with a link to download the software.


How does a purchase work?

After you purchase one of the two plans we provide, you will be granted with an activation key to activate your software. 

How does the free trial work?

After we are contacted, we will grant a free activation key for access to all of the features of the software. Free trial activation will be automatically deactivated after 7 days. If you purchase the software during free trial, your membership status will be configured automatically.

Can I cancel at any time?

Monthly subscription plan is based on automatic PayPal subscription system which means you will be charged automatically when the monthly period is over. You are able to cancel this subscription at any time by contacting us on one of our support channels. 

Where do I download the software?

After the payment is complete, you will be granted with the activation key together with the download link to the software.

Where can I find the support channels?

Our support channels can be found in the next link.

How often do you release new content?

Software is constantly updated for new models and is up to date with new models that come out. New updates and new content is free of charge.

How does bank wire transfer work?

For wire transfer, you would need to send us your company detail together with a VAT number so we can bill you the software. You will get the activation key as soon as the payment is made.